GeelongPort is Victoria’s second largest port located within Victoria’s largest regional city, Geelong.

Managing close to 12 million tonnes of cargo and 600 vessel visits per year, GeelongPort supports the agriculture, construction, energy and tourism sectors.

Situated on Corio Bay, GeelongPort is located 75 kilometres southwest of Melbourne in Geelong, Victoria. Operating over 90 hectares of land and comprising 15 berths over two primary precincts, Corio Quay and Lascelles Wharf, GeelongPort provides land, infrastructure and services to facilitate trade for some of Victoria’s largest businesses.

As Victoria’s premier bulk port and a major driver of Victoria’s economy, GeelongPort facilitates more than $7 billion of trade annually. The location of GeelongPort makes it of high strategic significance for Victoria, providing easy access to logistics routes for trade through critical road, rail, air and channel connections for Geelong and south-west Victoria’s supply chains.

GeelongPort is striving to become one of the most sustainable ports in Australia and is committed to undertaking our activities with care and respect for the environment.

While GeelongPort manages wharf and land-side infrastructure, Ports Victoria is responsible for channel management and commercial navigation of commercial waters in and around Geelong.

GeelongPort is owned by Stonepeak and Spirit Super.  Stonepeak, on behalf of its managed funds and accounts, holds a majority 70% interest in GeelongPort and Spirit Super has a 30% stake.