Located in Corio Bay, Victoria, GeelongPort is 75 kilometres by road southwest of Melbourne and comprises 15 berths across two primary precincts, Corio Quay and Lascelles.

As the second largest port in Victoria, GeelongPort handles more than 11 million tonnes of product annually across a broad range of industry segments, including crude oil, wood-chip, fertiliser and break bulk cargo.

$7 billion of trade and  1,800 jobs statewide

GeelongPort is a major driver of Victoria’s economy, managing in excess of $7 billion of trade and supporting more than 1,800 jobs across the state.

Major port customers include Viva Energy Australia, Midway Limited, Incitec Pivot Limited, Boral Limited and Quantum Pty Ltd.

GeelongPort handles over 600 vessel visits every year, with a majority of the shipping activity linked to the bulk liquid berth at Refinery Pier.

While GeelongPort manages wharf and land-side infrastructure, the Victorian Regional Channels Authority (VRCA) is responsible for channel management and commercial navigation of commercial waters in and around Geelong.

GeelongPort is owned by SAS Trustee Corporation (STC) and Brookfield’s LINX Cargo Care Group, with 50% ownership by each party at a unit trust and operator level.