For all media enquiries, please contact GeelongPort’s  Corporate Affairs Team.

Media Line: +61 409 393 979


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Film and Photography

GeelongPort allows media and other organisations to photograph, film and conduct interviews at GeelongPort under certain circumstances. However all photography or film requests must be approved by GeelongPort Corporate Affairs team.

A Film and Photography Request Form, must be completed and approved prior to taking photographs or filming on site. All applications must be submitted at least one week before the requested date to allow enough time to process the application and ensure the request does not impact any on site operational activity.

Drone use over GeelongPort and port waters requires additional stakeholder approvals, so please contact us well in advance if this is required.

If you wish to  discuss your request, please contact our Corporate Affairs team on +61 409 393 979.

Film and Photography Library

GeelongPort also has a large selection of corporate film and photography that can be used for editorial purposes. Email with any requests.

All images and video remain the property of GeelongPort and may be used on the condition that GeelongPort is credited for the image. Images and film provided by GeelongPort cannot be used for any additional purposes other than as expressly authorised.

All other enquiries

For all other enquiries, please visit our ‘Contact Us’ page

Drone Usage

GeelongPort has an obligation to maintain the integrity of the Port Security Zone in accordance with the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Act 2003 (MTOFSA). To ensure we remain compliant with this condition of the Act, drones or other UAV’s are not permitted to operate around the Port of Geelong’s commercial jetties or anywhere within the port security regulated boundary area (refer to Port of Geelong Security Regulated Port Boundary map), including over vessels or properties, including tenanted properties, for private or personal purposes. GeelongPort requires drone operators to apply for written consent to operate in a designated security restricted zone. This written consent will be in the form of an approved permit that must be submitted a minimum of 5 business days prior to the intended flight.

For additional guidance on Drone rules, registration, and reporting, visit the CASA website.

Drone operators should also make themselves aware of other flying restrictions in the local area which includes areas under the control of City of Greater Geelong, Parks Victoria and Avalon Airport.