Riordan and GeelongPort on track for outstanding grain season

GeelongPort has played a key role in an outstanding grain season in Australia, with Riordan Grain Services on track to achieving another record year for the company.

Riordan exported more than half a million tonnes of grain through GeelongPort during the 2022/23 financial year.

Bulk carriers at GeelongPort are loaded using an innovative system where grain can be moved directly from farm to the ship using a mobile conveyor system that allows trucks to be emptied directly into the ship.

It took four years for Riordan to export its millionth tonne through multiple Victorian ports (2017 to 2021). However, achieving the second million took only 18 months through GeelongPort alone!

GeelongPort General Manager Commercial, Elias Anastasiou, is proud of the longstanding relationship with the prominent local, family-owned business.

“GeelongPort has been working closely with Riordan Grain Services since 2017, taking an agile approach to maximise their grain exports through the port,” he said. “The wider benefits of Riordan’s operations on the state and economy are far-reaching, particularly in regional communities throughout Victoria, and GeelongPort is proud to be an important link in this incredible supply chain.”

Riordan Grain Services Managing Director, Jim Riordan, said the partnership with GeelongPort has been important for the company’s growth in recent years.

“We value the relationship we have with the team at GeelongPort – they are a core part of our supply chain,” he said. “I’m incredibly proud of our business and what our team has achieved and look forward to that success continuing – in partnership with key partners like GeelongPort.”

By working together in a collaborative and flexible way, both organisations have managed to tackle a competitive market with an innovative and different approach to exporting grain.


Research by Agriculture Vic showed grain as Victoria’s most valuable export commodity last year at $4.4 billion (73% increase on previous year).

According to the ACCC Bulk Grain report, Australia’s bulk grain exports for 2021-22 were 40.6 million tonnes, exceeding the previous season’s record by 22%.

Australia is the world’s third largest exporter of grain.