GeelongPort hosts Member for Geelong, Christine Couzens M.P.

Left to right – Tylah Lee, Christine Couzens M.P., Aidan Barrow, Ken de Vries

GeelongPort welcomed Member for Geelong, Christine Couzens M.P. today to discuss the recently launched apprenticeship program. Partnering with GForce Employment Solutions, GeelongPort has recently recruited two new apprentices, Tylah Lee and Aidan Barrow.

Becoming the first apprentices for more than a decade at the Port, the 18-year-old newcomers are keen to learn among an experienced and resourceful team. Tylah, an electrical apprentice and Aidan, a fitter and turner apprentice, are relishing in the opportunity to learn new skills while being guided by seasoned professionals of their respective trades.

While studying at The Gordon, the apprentices learn on the job alongside a mentor.  GeelongPort employees have welcomed the return of such a program that enables them to pass on their skills to the next generation. With some staff having spent decades at the Port, they are embracing the chance to support the new apprentices with their journey to become qualified in the sector.