Viva Refinery critical to Geelong’s future

GeelongPort is encouraging the Geelong community to rally behind Viva Energy following its announcement early this week that its long-term outlook will consider the possibility of moving to a full shut down of its Geelong Refinery.

Since it was established in 1954, the Geelong Refinery has and continues to be a major employer for the Geelong region. It is one of just four refineries left in Australia, directly employing around 700 people and contributing to the indirect employment of thousands including those within the Port of Geelong.

Contributing more than $200m to the local economy every year, the Refinery handles 50% of Victoria’s liquid fuel needs, supplies 100% of the marine fuel oil for Victoria’s commercial ships and half of Victoria’s bitumen.

GeelongPort CEO Brett Winter said, “Viva’s refinery is a strategic asset of national significance and the loss of the refinery would be a major blow to the G21 region’s COVID-19 recovery plans.” 

Businesses such as GeelongPort and Viva’s Geelong Refinery continue to maintain strict adherence to Victorian Government directions, operating under COVID Safe plans.

Mr Winter said, “I encourage the Geelong community, the Victorian and Federal government to show their support for Viva’s Geelong Refinery. We need to ensure its long-term viability throughout this unprecedented period of restrictions. This challenging period in Victoria will pass, but if we lose strategic assets along the way it will make the recovery much more difficult.”


Nicole Sexton, Corporate Affairs Manager