General Information

Shipping Control

GeelongPort maintains a 24 hour watch and controls movement of traffic within the port.

Communication is effected as follows:-

1. Radio Telephone V.H.F. F/M (International Channel), Call Sign (VL 3 KV) 'Port of Geelong'

      (i) Channel 16, 156,800 mHz, Calling, (Continuous Watch).

      (ii) Channel 13, 156,650 mHz, Working.

      (iii) Channel 12, 156,600 mHz, Working. (Continuous Watch).

      (iv) Channel 8, 156,400 mHz, Pilots and Tugs (Continuous Watch).

These frequencies are the same as those operated by the pilot station at Queenscliff, Point Lonsdale signal station, and all Port Phillip tugboats on commercial towage.

2. Telephone: Geelong (03) 5247 0300

All Floating Plant, contract dredging plant, so equipped.

Traffic Regulations

Traffic in all shipping channels within Corio Bay is controlled by the Harbour Master. Unless permission is granted by the Harbour Master, no Master shall permit his ship to enter any channel within the Port and if inward bound shall not permit his ship to approach the seaward entrance to Point Richards Channel.

Vessels at anchor should establish communication on the hour. Also at the hour, listen for signals. Messages received by telephone will be passed, without charge, to ships at anchor and messages from ships relayed likewise, but no responsibility will be taken for non-delivery or incorrect receipt or the consequences thereof. Such messages are confined to operational matter. Commercial messages must not be transmitted by the Coast Radio Station.

GeelongPort has an anemometer, and tide gauge with information regarding height of water, or direction and velocity of the wind, information supplied on request.

Masters of vessels approaching from sea and wishing to communicate with GeelongPort may address messages through Port of Geelong per medium of coast radio station VIM, or by fax 5272 1560.

Night Navigation

Some Woodchip vessels require daylight for navigation in the Port. Daylight being defined as 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset, applicable from the entrance to the Point Richards Channel.