General Information

Port Charges

> Information concerning port tariff is available on request.
> Charges which may be applicable include:

      1. Pilotage (Port Phillip Sea Pilots)

      2. State Tonnage Dues (Marine Board of Victoria, valid 6 months).

      3. Commonwealth Light Dues (Dept. of Transport valid 6 months).

      4. Commonwealth Oil pollution Levy (Dept. of Transport).

      5. Tonnage Charge (Victorian Channels Authority).

      6. Towage & Line Launches (Melbourne Tugs).

      7. Linesmen.

      8. Berth Hire (GeelongPort).

      9. Facility Hire (GeelongPort).

      10. Cargo Sheds and Storage charges (GeelongPort).

      11. Service Charges - Fresh Water, Electrical, Telephones, Lighting, Cranes and       Equipment, (GeelongPort).

There are also charges appropriate to fishing boats and pleasure craft. (refer Local Government Authorities).


Where a ship carrying dangerous cargo or liquid inflammables, in excess of 500 tonnes, is moored at a berth, the Port Company may require the Master, Owner or Agent, thereof to indemnify GeelongPort against possible damage by the lodgement of a special insurance policy.